We all want greater health and more balanced emotions. We don't want side effects, and we need real answers. The answers we seek to support the body are found in the plant world. It has been a satisfying experience to offer hope and help for those who struggle with their health issues. We love to serve and feel that this is the perfect vehicle to bring love and change for the better to the world with integrity, purity and healing.

We all have similar training and experience and can help with most health issues, but if one person offers support in your particular focus area, click on their button to schedule a call and you’ll be connected directly to them.

Caroline Lee,

Immune System Support:

I was in my early 30’s and had two young children when a slight ache started in both my hands. I was shocked to discover that my immune system was turning on my joints. Daily discomfort and fatigue became my constant companion. I began to get frustrated with my medical options, the crazy side effects from the medications they gave me, and the longevity of being on a specific prescription drug. It was hard to be there for my family or EVEN for myself! I felt like a terrible mom! Some days, I just didn’t get up and get dressed. Thankfully, I was introduced to a natural option that changed EVERYTHING! Within just a few months, my life was totally different! I rewrote my story. I am empowered and stronger than ever before! Now that I feel better, I am paying it forward by sharing what worked for me. I’d love to help you!

Kathy Pace

Endocrine System Support

Kathy spent many years designing patterns for a world wide pattern company until she started yearning for something to do that would really help people in their journey of life. Thyroid challenges sent Kathy on a search for understanding and help. She is willing to share what she experienced and what made the difference for her with anyone who is curious.

Kathy has been sharing the benefits of doTERRA essential oils with others for 13 years.

Tahna Lee

Detox Support for Body and Home

My own experience with system overload has been a tough teacher! I’ve learned firsthand how to not only survive, but thrive even with some tough and nasty diagnoses. I have experimented with different systems and protocols for cleansing my body, both inside and out, for over 20 years. Let me help you speed up the learning curve and find the most gentle and effective way to get rid of toxins in your body, health and beauty products, and household cleaning agents.


by Tahna Lee and Team

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