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U.S. is ranked FIRST in emergency care and LAST in health-care among high-income countries according to 4 different studies done over the last 21 years. Our medical system does NOT teach us HOW to be healthy.

You would like to try a natural remedy for your health issue, but you don’t know where to start. You feel like crap. Mentally or Physically. You’ve tried everything the doctor suggests and still suffer? There are holes that western medicine can’t fill. Where can you turn for accurate information about preventative Wellness and EFFECTIVE natural solutions?

Anxiety, Digestive Issues, Sleep disturbance, Thyroid issues, & Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Need to know WHAT Works and HOW to USE it? Need a natural remedy that is fast acting, effective, with no side effects?

You don’t know what to believe when researching a natural solution. You have tried some natural things and wasted money with no results. The majority of essential oils for sale are synthetic substitutes that don’t work and can be potentially toxic.

You only have one precious life and your brain and body don’t want to cooperate! Each day that goes by without relief can never be called back.

Conflicting information even for those who are seriously researching! Natural Doctors seem to disagree. Some say use essential oils internally others say Don’t that’s dangerous! Where can you turn for proven research and real results?

Even if you had all the time in the world to check and cross check every natural remedy and claim, who has the money to spend on trying the 1,000’s of natural products out there? It’s expensive and confusing.

When I had sick young children, I would go to the doctor and most of the time it was a virus and there was nothing to be done but give them tylenol and lots of liquids. Cover up the symptoms! So I bought a book about healing herbs. I spent a LOT of money buying herbs and a LOT of time mixing up tinctures and syrups and they NEVER worked!!! Why? Maybe they could have worked but my kids wouldn’t even take them. Too nasty tasting.

Guess What?!!! I found a way to get the healing power of plants and herbs into my children without eating them!!!

With the help of a trusted friend, I learned where to turn for accurate information about health and wellness and where to get the best essential oils and supplements to make the change our bodies needed. I started on the path and quickly invited more to join me and we have all learned together.

For many years now, my team has been helping 1,000’s of people take proactive steps towards optimal wellness with the best essential oils on the planet. We recognize the pain you are experiencing and want to help!!

You are on a mission to help others just like you!

Maybe there was a conspiracy against you, a false belief, a misunderstanding.

At one point, my son had a severe, recurring, throat irritation-to the point of painful swallowing-over the course of a whole year. The doctor prescribed a different medication every time it happened and there would be some relief but every few weeks it would flare again. After six episodes, the doctor said we should remove the tonsils. Does this situation sound familiar? Maybe your doctor has prescribed various medications, some of which only exist to cover the side effects of other medications. When your problem still persists, and the medications haven’t done what they are supposed to, then the doctor suggests a surgery??? You must have some extra body parts that need to be removed!!

I felt pretty strongly that I wanted to keep the tonsils (a part of his immune system!) intact so I needed other options before doing an irreversible surgery. That’s when my friend told me about essential oils and how they can get to places in the body that traditional medication can’t. And the best part….I could drop them on his skin and they would be instantly absorbed into all of his systems!! No more gagging down yucky concoctions. After just a handful of applications over a couple of weeks, he never got that recurring throat irritation ever again!

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-Tahna Lee and Your Abundant Wellness Team

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